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We want to recognize Black History Month, and work to ensure that all athletes have a safe place to play.  We believe that it's always a good time to learn about the history and contributions of Black communities and people in Canada. Here are some resources from Canadian Heritage.

"Black history in Canada - Black Canadians and their communities have been a part of shaping Canada’s heritage and identity since the arrival of Mathieu Da Costa, a navigator, and interpreter, whose presence in Canada dates back to the early 1600s.

The role of Black people and their communities in Canada has largely been ignored as a key part of Canada’s history. There is little mention that some of the Loyalists who came here after the American Revolution and settled in the Maritimes were people of African descent, nor the fact that many soldiers of African descent made many sacrifices in wartime as far back as the War of 1812.

Few people in Canada are aware of the fact that African people were once enslaved in the territory that is now known as Canada, or of how those who fought enslavement helped to lay the foundation of Canada’s diverse and inclusive society.

Black History Month is a time to learn more about these Canadian stories and the many other important contributions that Black Canadians and their communities have made to the history and continued growth of this country."   

Have you met Wanda G?

She's our Club's Technical Specialist and is... well, awesome. 

Wanda has played nationally and professionally. She represented Canada at the Olympics, Pan-Am Games, and won three consecutive GOLD MEDALS  at the World Masters. Oh and she's also a Hall of Fame Inductee!

I’m hoping to improve on athletes’ techniques. I look forward to seeing them gain more confidence and trust in their abilities as they improve.” 

Despite her humble and gentle nature, Wanda’s an incomparable force when it comes to volleyball skill, experience and knowledge. And we’re pumped that she’s sharing it with our athletes!

“I hope to share my passion for volleyball with them, and I want my experience to be of help to them. I want coaches and athletes to feel that they can ask me anything.” 

Wanda fits into the WVA beautifully. Wanna know why? 

Not only does she value the WVA’s inclusive approach, but when asked about her impressions on her first night, her face lit up and she said,  

“Hey, they’re playing volleyball and smiling. We’re off to a good start!” 

She’s accomplished so much so far (she’s still playing) that it’s tough to summarize without missing important details, but here are a few highlights of her career to this point:

  • Named All-Canadian. 
  • Represented Canada at the Olympics in Atlanta in ‘96. 
  • Played professionally for 10 years (Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Belgium).
  • Competed for Canada in:
    • TWO World Cups, 
    • THREE Pan-Am Games, and
    • FIVE North, Central America and Caribbean Volleyball Confederation Championships!! 

And it was as if this was just her warm-up. Then, she switched to Beach Volleyball, and:

  • WON THREE consecutive GOLD medals at the World Masters Games. 
  • Coached Team Manitoba at three Canada Summer Games. 
  • Competed for Canada at:
    • ANOTHER Pan-Am Games, and
    • ANOTHER World Championship!!

Wanda’s also been inducted into the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame. To add to this incredible legacy, WANDA G also runs her own personal training business.

You thought that was it, didn’t you? Well nope! She’s also a HOUSE MUSIC DJ!  

It’s no doubt it’s Wanda for the WIN again - this time for the WVA, and most importantly, our BLAZERS athletes! 

Wanda's a very important member of our Academy family at the helm of our technical training, working with each of our teams and also mentoring our coaches! 


Although this is a virtual space, we acknowledge that we gather on Treaty 1 Territory, and that Manitoba is located on the Treaty Territories and ancestral lands of the Anishinaabeg, Anishininewuk, Dakota Oyate, Denesuline and Nehethowuk Nations. 
We acknowledge Manitoba is located on the Homeland of the Red River Métis. We acknowledge northern Manitoba includes lands that were and are the ancestral lands of the Inuit.

We respect the spirit and intent of Treaties and Treaty Making and remain committed to working in partnership with First Nations, Inuit and Métis people in the spirit of truth, reconciliation and collaboration.


The Winnipeg Volleyball Academy is an inclusive Volleyball Club and offers a safer space for athletes who are 2SLGBTQ+.