WANDA GUENETTE to lead Positional Camps with the WVA this Summer! 

I’m hoping to improve on athletes’ techniques. I look forward to seeing them gain more confidence and trust in their abilities as they improve.” 

Despite her humble and gentle nature, Wanda’s an incomparable force when it comes to volleyball skill, experience and knowledge. And we’re pumped that she’s sharing it with our athletes!

“I’m hoping to bring my passion for volleyball to them this season, and I want my experience to be of help to them. I want coaches and athletes to feel that they can ask me anything.” 

We’re quite sure she’ll fit in beautifully. Wanna know why? 

Not only does she value the WVA’s inclusive approach, but when asked about her impressions on her first night, her face lit up and she said,  

“Hey, they’re playing volleyball and smiling. We’re off to a good start!” 

She’s accomplished so much so far (she’s still playing) that it’s tough to summarize without missing important details, but here are a few highlights of her career to this point:

  • Named All-Canadian. 
  • Represented Canada at the Olympics in Atlanta in ‘96. 
  • Played professionally for 10 years (Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Belgium).
  • Competed for Canada in:
    • TWO World Cups, 
    • THREE Pan-Am Games, and
    • FIVE North, Central America and Caribbean Volleyball Confederation Championships!! 

And it was as if this was just her warm-up. Then, she switched to Beach Volleyball, and:

  • WON THREE consecutive GOLD medals at the World Masters Games. 
  • Coached Team Manitoba at three Canada Summer Games. 
  • Competed for Canada at:
    • ANOTHER Pan-Am Games, and
    • ANOTHER World Championship!!

Wanda’s also been inducted into the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame. To add to this incredible legacy, WANDA G also runs her own personal training business.

You thought that was it, didn’t you? Well nope! Just when we thought it couldn’t get better, we discovered she’s also a HOUSE MUSIC DJ!  

It’s no doubt it’s Wanda for the WIN again - this time for the WVA, and most importantly, our BLAZERS athletes! 

We welcome Wanda to our Academy family with open arms and are looking forward to a very bright future with her at the helm of our technical training! 


The Winnipeg Volleyball Academy is an inclusive Volleyball Club and offers a safer space for athletes who are 2SLGBTQ+.